Proposals for revitalization of Pamplonas´s city center, 2019

The City Council of Pamplona put out to tender the study of alternatives for the reform of several roads of the Ensanche II and Labrit. The intervention was defined in 7 sections:

Section 1. Calle Magdalena, from Paseo de Alemanes intersection to Calle Vergel intersection.
Section 2. Calle Vergel, from  Calle Magdalena intersection to calle Labrit intersection.
Section 3. Calle Labrit, from  calle Vergel intersection to calle Cortes de Navarra and calle Amaya intersection.
Section 4. Calle Cortes de Navarra, from calle Labrit to Avenida San Ignacio intersection.
Section 5. Calle Amaya, from calle Labrit to Avenida Baja Navarra intersection.
Section 6. Calle Emilio Arrieta, from calle Amaya intersection to calle Olite intersection.
Section 7. Calle Olite, from calle Emilio Arrieta intersection to Avenida Baja Navarra intersection.

Study of matrices and traffic data

Prior to the microsimulation of the proposed alternatives, a field campaign was established to obtain traffic data. 7 artificial vision gauges were installed, pneumatic tires in 4 street sections and two 24 hours-viewing cameras to determine the ADT (Average Daily Traffic) in two street sections.

Technical study of road reform alternatives

For each section, two alternatives have been proposed at the preliminary project level, with their respective sections and a floor plan at a scale of 1: 500.

Section 5.  Calle Amaya

Section 4.  Cortes de Navarra

Section 3.  Labrit – Cortes de Navarra intersection

Section 2.  Calle Vergel

Section 6.  Calle Olite

The alternatives have been proposed with the following conditions:

  • Improvment of pedestrian and cyclist mobility as well as the transit of local public transport.
  • Calmed traffic for private morotized vehicles.
  • Routes and bus stops of the urban transport lines.
  • The plannig of the city, ordinances and other drafting projects in the area, as well as Pamplona´s Ciclability Plan.
  • Accesibility in the urban environment.
  • Ford on the sidewalks, garages and other elements, as trash bins or pedestrian crossings.
  • Characteristics of the roads: width, direction of traffic, traffic lights.

After studying the different alternatives, the project is uploaded in the webpage of citizen participation of Pamplona (Erabaki), you can consult the process here