Ideas Contest in Nuevo Artica

SUMA-USC wins second prize with its proposal A BOLOS.

The object of the competition was the repavement of two central squares of Nuevo Artica and the street Maria Dominguez placed inbetween them.  The proporsal  is intended to give an unique and distinguished nature with regard to the nearby squares. This new space, brings together different local amenities and day-to-day activities so it has the potential for  becoming a new centrality for the neighbourhood.



The traffic avoidance of the intersecting street makes possible the creation of a NEW CENTRAL SPACE, crucial for conecting  the two previous squares. The conetion with the nature, spaces for leisure, walking and quiet areas around large trees are key features of this urban and natural spot where elderly and children are integrated. In the space are located:
* Outdoor fitness equipment
* Amusement aquatic park


The NORTHERN ZONE  has been designed as a relation space with an “anphitheatre” consisted of irregular terracing and a covered stage. It is a welcoming area shadowing different activities year-round. Furthermore, previous obstacles are integrated in the design and their uses have been redefined, creating new activities and pedestrian flows.


In contrast with this two spaces the SOUTH PART of the proposal is free of obstacles and barriers, achieving an open space with great possibilities for the neighbourhood. This space has the flexibility to be used daily, as a pitch or meeting point, or for different occasional events bringing citizen together.