Urban new dimension
focused on walkability


Our vision

Focused on revealing a measurable, objective and practical information

Our environment and our cities are made by humans and therefore they can be transformed by humans.
In order to transform our environment we must first gain sufficient knowledge on it in order to adapt it to the mutable behaviour of human beings.
The purpose of our work is to enhance the quality of life of individuals in their cities by creating a new layer based on objective studies and data.
The aim of studying this new dimension is to reveal what usually remains hidden from everyone’s eyes, measuring the parameters that are reflected in human behaviour.


05 oct

Suma USC at Walk 21 international conference in Hong Kong.

01 oct

Walking kid. New video to be released at Walk 21 in Hong Kong

22 ago

We're happy to attend the III Encuentro de Sostenibilidad en Ciudades. UIMP Santander