2nd Phase of the 2017-2022 Cyclability Plan of Pamplona

After delivering the 1st Phase of Cyclability Plan of Pamplona in December 2017, which the outline of the future network was detailed in, Pamplona´s council tendered the drafting of the 2nd Phase. This document  has as objective elaborate technically the layout and design of the proposed cycle infraestructure in a stimated 5-years time frame.

This 2nd Phase will finish with the deliver of the final document which every itinerary such as existing as proposed will be specified in and various Design Manuals of the lanes, junctions and signs will be created.

For the attached Design Manuals some workshops will be organised where the council, associations related with mobility and the citzenship in general will have the chance to express their ideas and contribute to build the Plan.

The following pictures show some examples of an existing and proposed street section that will be included in the future technical data sheets of the 2nd phase of the Plan.