Improvement of mobility and accessibility in Roncesvalles (Navarre, Spain)

The project for the Real Colegiata de Roncesvalles collegiate church in Navarre, set in spectacular surroundings with challenging terrain, includes a number of actions to improve universal accessibility and mobility aspects, focusing on pedestrians and giving less importance to vehicles. The proposed project includes an integrated, environmentally friendly urban design, signage, information and awareness promotion.


There are currently no clear signs regarding appropriate parking spaces or whether it is possible to drive around the inside of the monumental complex. There are no reserved parking spaces for users with reduced mobility and often the presence of vehicles is an imposition on this heritage site, filling with cars every available corner. However, touring Roncesvalles on foot is the only natural way of doing so: any measure aimed at promoting walking is in the general interest of visitors.

Pedestrians in Roncesvalles

Regarding accessibility to the complex, it must be highlighted that the existing signs are not very clear, including information about the site and how to visit it, and there are multiple elements acting as architectural barriers: steps, excessively steep gradients, pavements in poor condition, retaining walls…

New parking policy

The new parking policy approach involves forbidding parking outside designated areas: the car park on the south access and the reserved places at key points in the complex.

Improvements in non-motorised mobility and accessibility

The decision to concentrate all the designated parking spaces in a single location, together with the other mobility support and improvement measures, has multiple benefits for this enclave. It allows this heritage site to be enjoyed without any obstacles, noise or smells, thereby enhancing the visitor s’ experience and perception of the place, the ensemble, the itinerary.

Accessibility and heritage

The project involves a number of steps aimed at improving accessibility in general and around the Chapels in particular. Accessibility, from an overall sensory and cognitive standpoint, reinforces the revitalisation of the Heritage site, making it accessible to everyone.


Proyecto: Improvement of mobility and accessibility in Roncesvalles (Navarre, Spain) (Collaboration with the Garralda Arquitectura architecture firm on design and architecture)

Client: Real Casa y Colegiata de Roncesvalles

Date: December 2016