Suma USC at Walk21, Bogotá 2018

Bogota, 2018

The charity Walk 21, devoted to promote walkability in cities, organized its annual event in Bogota from the 15th to the 18th of October 2018. Walk21 Bogota Walkable City main venue of the event was the Jorge Eliecer Gaitan Theatre, in the centre of Bogota.

The event was divided into 4 main issues: Walkability, Equality, Competitiveness and Civic Participation.

Suma USC participated as speaker within the subject Equality focusing in the improvement of universal accesibility in sidewalks and streets.


Suma at the event

At the conference we discussed about the importance of social inclusion in different urban scenarios as a driving force for the transformation of cities.

As study case, we had the chance to present the proyect Walkability Analysis of Iturrama neighbourhood in Pamplona. The applied methodology for this proyect consists in the combination of data collection and civic participation, aim to define the walkability score of the borough´s streets and that way, analyse how to priorise actions to improve the walkable network.

We also spoke about the municipallity of Pamplona and the actions taken for regenerating several urban spaces this last year and a half. The change of mindset of the citizenship and the awareness of kind of city that we wish to construct is crucial to transform the city towards a more walkable, sustainable and safe city.

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