Technical inventory of the pedestrian crossings of the municipality of Pamplona

The project, carried out for the City Council of Pamplona, includes a series of studies and analysis in order to prepare a technical inventory of the pedestrian crossings of the city of Pamplona.

This inventory consists of technical datasheets, in each of which the descriptive technical characteristics of all the pedestrian crossings studied are collected and an hazard assessment associated with each pedestrian crossing is established.

Likewise, a small sketch and picture of the actual state are provided  and the proposed intervention is also given where reducing the hazardous is necessary.

Some data shown:

  • Speed limit of the road.
  • Length, width and geometry of the pedestrian crossings.
  • Horizontal and vertical signs. Traffic lights for pedestrians.
  • Speed reducers.
  • Good visibility on pedestrian crossings.
  • Dropped kerbs and other accesibility measures.
  • Condition of the road and pavement.
  • Vehicles parked nearby the crossing.
  • Number of directions of driving and if there is any separation between directions. Number and width of the lanes per direction.
  • Bike lane on the road or pavement. Bike crossings running parallels to pedestrian crossings.
  • Lighting system.
  • Visibility.

A total of 100 pedestrian crossings have been listed in the neighborhoods of Milagrosa-Arrosadía, Iturrama, Errotxapea, San Juan and Ermitagaña-Mendebaldea.


Project: Inventory of pedestrian crossings in the city of Pamplona (Navarre, Spain)

  Client:  City Council of Pamplona

  Data: October 2017