The Adventures of my Chair and I, 2015

SUMA-USC supports accessibility

Panama City, 2015

Juan Manuel Dolande, better known as Juanpi, is the author of The Adventures of my Chair and Me, a campaign in the social media by the young announcer to highlight the problems experienced by people using a wheelchair for their mobility.

His campaign is based on a “challenge” format, where prominent figures must experience first-hand a tour of the city in a wheelchair with him to highlight the existing needs and difficulties.

Miguel Zuza, a consultant of SUMA-USC, accepted the challenge and went on a tour of Panama City’s financial district with Juanpi, coming up against steps, protruding elements, curbs with no accessible ramps, pavements in poor condition, holes…

Addressing all these issues would considerably improve the self-sufficiency of the more sensitive citizens. A city for all!