The assignment is about the redaction of a preliminary desgin for the section of Amaya street between Cortes de Navarra street and Baja Navarra street (approximately 360 meters) to give continuity to the bidirectional cyclist infraestructure planned in the environment, and complete the performance of the “Labrit Sustainable Corridor“.

At the same time, it includes suggestions on complementary measures to the necessary reduction of internal traffic in the area.

Finally, work is being done on the option that the first part of Amaya street accommodates two motorized lanes (one of them bus only) together with the bidirectional cyclist infrastructure, and, in the second section, starting from Arrieta street, one motorized lane dedicated to bus neighbors and authorized vehicles.

In order to carry out proposed changes, design is accompanied by some ideas for traffic management in the sorroundings. These changes try to reduce traffic through the area and internal circulation looking for parking, beyond what is needed for the neighbors and those authorized vehicles with final destination on these streets.

Also other interventions such us changes in streets direction or specific traffic calming actions help to reinforce the modificatiosn foreseen, and contribute to the understanding by citizens of the new routes they must take, having in mind that changes in mobility habits need their time and a good communication campaign.