A new dimension

We provide a new and important information for analysing
the walkable environment by means of an objective tool
whose conclusions lead to concrete, buildable actions.


Gathering field data.
Intervention by Administrations
and relevant bodies.
Citizen participation.


Through a process of weighted
assessment of the data,
we assign a score to
each sidewalk section and
intersection to indicate
their walkability rating.


The data thus obtained are
used to generate graphic
information allowing easy
interpretation by managers:
“heat” maps, with ratings
for the streets.


We issue proposals for
improving the walkable
network and public spaces
in accordance with the
goals of the project.

Urban Sustainability Consultants

Our work is carried out within the sphere of sustainable urban planning consultancy. The starting germ of our methodology is the analysis through our WCT tool.

Walkability City Tool

WCT is a walkability assessment tool developed by us, based on GIS technology, which allows the walkable network of a city to be parametrised and measured, including technical, environmental, social, touristic and financial factors.

Slide Modal distribution Urban fabric Urban scene Safety Environment City map How it works This is how our WCT tool works. We group the field data obtained into 5 thematic areas. If you go over them with the mouse the layer will appear on the map. Áreas temáticas Factors having to do with the sharing of space between different modes of transport: number of cycling lanes, surface parking… Physical characteristics of the sidewalks: width, condition of the pavement, protective strip, obstacles, intrusions, gradient, number of intersections, etc. Information on the environment surrounding the pedestrian when he/she walks: activities, home entrances, trees, characteristics of the façades and urban furniture items... Factors affecting the perception of safety when walking: street lighting, orientation aids, presence of activities, neglected items, graffiti... Available additional information on environmental factors having an impact on walking conditions: air pollution, noise, sun exposure, prevailing winds… ON/OFF Modal distribution: Urban fabric: Urban scene: Environment: Safety: