Different actions to improve accessibility, public space and pedestrian mobility are proposed within the project, also valuing the traditional culture of the village reusing existing elements:

  • Adaptation of a welcome space for the visitor, in the “Balcón del Pirineo”, with a rest area, bike rack and a fountain built with an old buddle.
  • Improvement of accessibility in streets with steep slopes and stairs, through the placement of railings and handrails.
  • Improvement of accessibility in the Town Hall building, providing an alternative to the two steps that are currently needed to rise in front of the door.
  • Recovery of the old cattle scale, located inside a small ground-floor building, making its existence and use known.
  • Improvements in the children’s playground area, replacing the current closure and placing bicycle racks.
  • Placement of a fountain in the square, recovering an old mill wheel.
  • Execution of an elevated pedestrian crossing, improving the conditions of accessibility and pedestrian traffic, while awaiting the execution of a comprehensive project to improve the main street.