A walk through Iturrama with the Walking Group (Navarre, Spain)

Within the citizen participation strategy, planned in the Walkability Analysis project of Iturrama’s neighborhood, we received several colaboration requests both individuals interested in walkability and local agents eager to take part in different ways and giving us their opinions or advices.

One of the groups that contacted us via email is the Walking Group of Iturrama, who showed us their special interest in participating. After contacting them, we agreed to accompain them on their next trip where we had the opportunity to share and receive their opinions and point of views on the topics related with walkability.

Walk through the neighborhood of Iturrama

There are 20 walkers on the group (we met 8 of them) and they meet every Wednesday to walk for 1,5 h starting from The Church of San Francisco de Asís in Iturrama Street. Normally, they go across the outskirts of Pamplona, avoiding the city center. Nevertheless, we decided to focus on “walking through the city”, activity that they are also used to do.

As great connoisseurs of their own neighborhood, we let ourselves be guided by them while we mantained an animated conversation about the topics of the analysis.

Some matters dealt with:

  •  Iturrama is described a good neighborhood to live in.
  • They are really please with the already installed elevators.
  • There are not many socializing spaces for elderly people.
  • The Civic Center (Civivox) is not opened on Sunday.
  • More public toilets are considered necessary.
  • Traffic noise  is one of the most annoying factors while walking.
  • Controvesial topic: Bike lane. Conclution: Education and civicism are crucial.
  • Keeping the facades in good conditions should be demanded to the owners.
  • Mantaining clean and tidy the pavement areas.
  • More fabric of the neighborhood is important to be set.
  • There are not car parking problems in Iturrama.
  • Violations while crossing: A resident has created a blog to compile the multiple violations made. A certain example:
  • Santiago’s pathway: It is not signalized in Iturrama
  • Walking is beneficial for exercising, doing activities, chatting, meeting people…

After this pleasant experience, we produced a video with some of the comments to have the opinions of the participants and to spread the proyect to the greatest possible number of people.