A commitment for Greener Cities in Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

SUMA-USC was invited to speak in “The International Conference on Mitigation Strategies for Green Transformation in Cities” held in Kaohsiung the 1st of August.

In 2007,  Kaohsiung City joined the ICLEI- Local Goverment of Sustainability and, since 2015, has committed to take action in climate change, achieving a better international cooperation.  In this direction, this year 2018, we were invited to speak at one of the sessions and share our knowledge in the field. The conference was divided in three sesion where different experts were invited to share work experiences, mitigation actions and new technologies with public and private sectors.  Furthermore, they had the chance to speak about the outcomes of their porposals and strategies to develop low-carbon sustainable homelands.

This time our Co-Founders Isabel Pérez-Ilzarbe and Miguel Zuza went to Kaohsiung to speak about WCT (Walkability City Tool) and its application in the Financial District of Panama City as well as the ECO-SMARTCITY(www.eco-smartcity.cn) project developed together with PVT.(www.pvt.es)